Sunday, 14 October 2012


Wikipedia defines occupational therapy as a holistic health care approach that enables individuals to perform meaningful and purposeful activities across the lifespan in order to develop, recover, or maintain the daily living and work skills of their patients.

Making a silver necklace.

Even if I haven't been diagnosed with any mental condition (self-diagnosis after too many hours of googling diseases obviously doesn't count) I truly and deeply believe in the power of creating things in order to keep your mind sharp and your moods high.

Almost two years ago I started having trouble coping with Autumn-Winter season in Sweden, with all it's darkness, coldness and gloominess. At the same time I started to realize that I was getting more and more interested in jewelley-making and I decided to give it a go. The beginning was rather modest,

few tools and some beads,
then a weekend course and a trip to Mexico
and a jewellery-town Taxco....
and tutorial books and...

...I couldn't stop, I got in a whirlpool of ideas, inspirations and techniques and oh boy, I've enjoyed this ride ever since!

Setting a stone on a silversmith course.
I've taken several courses in silver-smithing and I'm continuously making jewellery, for my friends and family, for sale, for myself. And even if I'm miles from earning the living this way, I get a penny (or rather a Swedish krona) for it every now and then, so I get purchase new tools and take new courses and I process of creating things with my bare hands, playing with fire (literally!) gives my such a thrill and satisfaction. Call it hobby, therapy, investment, it does the job!

My cat Livia proudly guarding my workshop corner.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Living a thousand lives at the movies!

People say reading is travelling and I couldn't agree more but I'm also a firm believer in travelling film-wise! Films have been my true love since high school and being a member of a film club for almost six years was a priceless experience and I got to see and discuss a great deal of excellent movies (and let's face it- some disastrous ones too). With other words, I just love setting off for film-journeys whether it's an adventure, a visit in a spooky house or a stroll on the fields of nostalgia. Each story brings out some feelings, helps to understand the world a little bit more and puts one's life into perspective. Obviously it's much harder to get carried away by Hollywood-super-hero-pulps but even if the plot and the actors are on the edge of unbearable we can at least pay some respect to the special-effects crews that overcome themselves each time a blockbuster is born. 

This summer I've had the pleasure of participating in The 12th New Horizons International Film Festival in Wroclaw in Poland, where some very intriguing and memorable films were presented. But first things first: the city of Wroclaw [Vrotslove] :)) !

It was my first time there and just as this beautiful spot says Wroclaw is all about love for culture and the culture of love! In only few days I've met oh so many wonderful, kind kind people and seen so much devotion to culture that my heart grows each time I think of my staying there, so if you haven't visited it during your Eurotrip yet-do it, it's totally worth it, especially during the festival!

My bff and I watched 21 movies in 6 days and it was not our personal record since we've been on the New Horizons before (and are totally going back!). Even though our eyes were hurting and some titles and plots got mixed up in our heads we enjoyed it a lot and the films we'd chosen made us both laugh, cry, thoughtful, angry and excited so I got back home with a full range of emotions that still fuel my imagination!

I could go on for ages telling you about films I adore, hate or have on my must-see-before-I-die-list but instead I'll just link some trailers of my personal favourites from this year's festival. Hope you'll get a chance to see them!

The Beasts of the Southern Wild, USA (2012)

Laurence Anyways, France/Canada (2012)

Wrong, USA (2012)

And some more like innovative Donoma, France (2010), touching As Canções, Brazil (2011) and mind-blowing Room 237, USA (2012)!

Have a great screening!

Monday, 2 July 2012

It's all about the journey

Have you ever felt you're putting your life on hold until you reach some kind of goal that will be a starting point for the life you have always wanted? I have. Many times. But fortunately I have realised (some time after the putting-on-hold thing) that it was the journey itself that mattered. 

At first I thought I would be someone when I have reached the destination, that I will experience some miraculous transformation and everything will change. The mile stones could be anything, getting my first period, having sex for the first time, taking my a-levels, finishing studies, moving out from my parents, getting a 9-17 job, anything. Those and many other moments in life that we wait for or fear may in deed be very important to us but hopping from one stone to another without enjoying the hop itself seems to me such a waist of life! 

What about the moment when your in the move, up in the air, when you've already forgotten about all the effort you put in to make the jump but you're still not afraid of landing again? This is where you are free of stress- you're not thinking about the past, cause' it's not gonna change, and you're not worried out about the future, cause' you'll never know what's gonna happen anyway. So you live in the present and enjoy it. 

In-between the "big moments" you are free from worries that you're not getting the job your parents always wanted you to have (or you thought YOU wanted it) before turning thirty or ending up single when all you friends have already settled down, you name it, we all have out milestones, but how about we just stop waiting for them to appear on the horizon and just enjoy the view, cause' it's damn beautiful!

It,s all about the journey, not reaching the destination...

Friday, 15 June 2012

20-day challenge follow up!

So the diet-shake phase one is completed! 20 days later and 6kg less I feel great. The first day I was supposed to have a regular meal, I was able to eat just like a handful of food, so my stomach must have got smaller, which is good too! Right now I am after my first week of replacing 1-2 meals with the shakes and low calorie bars.

The scale hasn't got under this 6kg yet but that's probably because the body is in the "saving for the thin years"-mode and it's gonna take some time before the scale moves down again. That doesn't bother me that much though, cause those few kilos less I already feel much better and suddenly all the clothes seem to look more flattering;)

After drinking about 100 shakes during that period I can really say that Naturdiet is the big winner but I have also acquired a taste for Allevo soups. Here come my best-and-worst lists of the shakes.

Naturdiet (as I wrote, the big winner, keeps you full for 3-4 hours!):

1. Wild Strawberry and vanilla (yummy even as a dessert!)
2. Pineapple (not too sweet, refreshing and filling)
3. Blueberry and vanilla smoothie (nice taste, not that filling though) 
4. Pear (kinda weird colour and a bit artificial taste, tastes like pear jelly)
5. Chocolate (would probably taste much better with milk instead of water, otherwise too watery)

?? Mint chocolate, Caffelatte, Wildberry- couldn't find it anywhere-undiscovered territory!!

Allevo (in general keeps you full for only about 2 hours so a big minus for that!):

1. Broccoli and basil with couscous(I was mistrustful at the beginning, but it was a nice break from the other sweet flavours)
2. Potato and leek (tastes ok, could use more leek though)
3. Strawberry-blueberry smoothie (a lot of berry-taste going on, but blends worse than the others so you end up with some floury pieces in your mouth)
4. Chocolate (less watery than naturdiet and a nice spicy aftertaste, quite ok)
5. Raspberry-banana (very candy-sweet, didn't fell like drinking it very often)
6. Exotic (a total disaster-awful artificial taste with floury consistence)

Now that I have started with the LCD (Low Calorie Diet) and am eating bars and milkshakes, I'm gonna come back with some reviews on those products very soon! What are your experiences with the diet shakes? Any useful advice to share? Take care, I'll keep you posted, next time with some photos!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Edgy and rough with an ear-cuff!

This season's it-accessory is definitely an ear-cuff, especially for those who like rocky style. Jewellery design has reached new heights and we can enjoy this eye-catching version of an earring in variety of shapes and sizes. My favourite designer earpieces are those from Norwegian Bjørg ( Together with the rest of the Odyssey Collection the pieces take you for a mystical journey somewhere between primal instincts and rites of evolution.

Some ear-cuffs maybe too much during daytime, but will surely work with a party outfit. As for more affordable ear cuffs, they can be found in almost every hi-street store and on-line.
The most popular motives are crosses, sculls, feathers and wings.

    Image 1 of ASOS Spike Ear Cuff And CombImage 2 of ASOS Wings Star Ear Cuff 
Image 1 of ASOS Statement Warrior EarcuffImage 1 of ASOS Multi Smooth Ear Cuff 

Anni Jurgenson Earcuff Natural 

During a jewellery course I took last year I also made a copper model of an earpiece with a dragon wing, but I must admit I haven't worn it outdoors yet. Maybe this season is the best time to take it out and match it with some metallic outfit? :)